Frequently Asked Questions


Moneytor Pay is an easy, convenient and secure payment service via mobile app. Paying for goods on a Vending Machine or topping up your pre-paid key or badge has never been easier! Just type in the 5 digit number or scan the QR code on the VM front: a credit for your purchases or top-ups will be transferred and displayed on the vending machine within seconds.

What to do

Install the Moneytor Pay app for Android or Apple or go to from any other smartphone. Once registered, link a Mastercard or Visa card to your profile. It only takes a few seconds!

Where can I use MONEYTOR?

Moneytor can be used as a payment tool wherever you see a Moneytor sign or sticker. Just register and save your credit card details, and you are ready to pay. It will only take a few seconds.

Do I need an NFC enabled telephone or SIM to use MONEYTOR?

No, the Moneytor payment services can be accessed and operated from any smartphone capable of an internet connection.

How are purchases made?

There are two different ways of making a purchase with Moneytor Pay: direct purchases charged to your credit card and purchases via a virtual e-wallet, which can be topped up with a credit card. When at the enabled vending machine, choose your preferred payment method and enter the Vending Machine code in the app. Within seconds you’ll get a confirmation from the app and you’ll be ready to make a selection on the machine, and the system will automatically debit the purchase amount.

How do I top up my wallet?

In this case you don’t need to be near a vending machine. Go to the "wallet " section of the app and choose the top-up credit amount (note: you need to have added a valid credit card to your profile).

How much does it cost to use MONEYTOR?

Paying with MONEYTOR is FREE. You will be charged only for the amount of your purchases or prepaid key top-ups. A virtual transaction of 0,05 Euro will be processed upon registering your credit card, but that amount will not be charged.

Are my credit card details passed to the merchant?

No, your credit card details will be stored directly on a secure server managed by a primary European financial institution, according to the specifications set by the “PCI Security Standards Council” and will be visible neither to us, nor to the merchant.

What if my phone is lost or stolen?

If your phone is lost or stolen, access your MONEYTOR account from any PC on and: 1) remove your credit card details; 2) contact us at

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